Notaries Differ From Immigration Lawyer

It is known to all that notary public is an officer or executive, who offer services on the non-arguable matters, which are associated with any kind of commercial relations. Though there are lots of functions of notaries, the most important ones are the authentication of documents and administration of oaths. However, some people want to know the difference between immigration lawyer and notary publics.

All legal works are not done by notaries

The main distinction between these two professionals is that notaries should not give any kind of legal suggestion on the issue of immigration. Though in some countries notary publics are often compared to lawyer, all the regions do not have the same rule. Thus, it is better to be careful, while hiring the experts to meet the needs of immigration. When your children need to reach an abroad country, their travel documents must also be notarised. The parents also have to be present before the notaries.


Unlike any notary, available in London, the immigration lawyers have a huge amount of proficiency along with legal abilities to direct you thoroughly all over the process of immigration. From the initial phase of making a decision to the ultimate phase of settle actions, they may deal with you. However, notary public in London may offer you secretarial, clerical and translating help with your forms of immigration. They do not give legal suggestion, and only make notarisation of the forms.

Thus, you have now realised how notaries differ from the immigration lawyers.

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